About Us

Vision and Mission


is to become one of the technological and leading producers in our sector by being highly innovative and competitive while operating with a conscious for the environment and social responsibility to add value to our employees, suppliers, shareholders and customers.


is to become a reliable and successful company which improves continuously, creates profits and moves towards its vision by utilizing all resources for mutual gain and without compromising its values and quality.


1. Working hard. 2. Being people of good character. 3. Always respecting and caring for each other. 4. Being genial, reliable, strong minded and participant. 5. Having our heart in our work. 6. Being customer and result oriented. 7. Being and keeping passionate. 8. Being focused on set targets and measuring targets continuously. 9. Being patient. 10. Being indulgent. 11. Being aware of our responsibilities. 12. Being a good team and never giving up on teamwork. 13. Being in search of alternatives for better efficiency. 14. Working without dissipation, being innovative and running on schedules. 15. Establishing systems and working systematically. 16. Making use of others’ knowledge and experience 17. Being open to change and improvement 18. Respecting the natural environment and other cultures. 19. Considering our country’s interests. 20. Sparing time for ourselves.


1. Never demand any kind of gifts from suppliers or customers. 2. Never ask for personal loan or other means of personal benefit from suppliers or customers and make sure to avoid other demands that may be open to such misunderstanding. 3. Do not in any way risk the health and security of employees or customers for any reason. 4. Do not disclose any company information if not delegated specially by the company. Do not discuss or create any negative comments on topics related to employment duties with second parties.  Always represent the company properly. 5. Guard company interests and work towards improving corporate values. 6. Be honest, disciplined, dedicated and hard working. 7. Prevent conflicts between corporate interests and individual interests. 8. Use corporate resources effectively and properly and avoid losses. Avoid direct personal abuse of company assets and resources. 9. In relationships with investors and shareholders, abide all laws, legislations and regulations without discrimination. 10. Be sensitive towards customer claims and make effort to create trustful relationships with customers. 11. Always obey legal requirements and legislation. 12. Clearly inform customers on rights and obligations as well as benefits and risks of all product and services provided. 13. Provide employees with a working environment appropriate for work safety and health. 14. Provide equality of rights and be fair in recruitment, training, career planning and promotion opportunities to all employees. 15. Recruit sufficient number of staff for each job and make sure that working hours are respected. 16. Be conscious of the importance of yearly vacations and make sure that yearly vacations are taken regularly. 17. Inform all employees on corporate principles and make sure they are embraced and fully observed. 18. Always ensure to provide tangible, accurate, clear and complete information to the public. 19. Take responsibility to comply with Corporate Ethics Rules and warn competent authority in case of noncompliance by any team member.

Company Profile

GERMAN CO. was established in AL-Salhyia Algadeda,Sharkia, Egypt in 2006 GERMAN CO. vision was defined as “being innovative and keeping the competition power in the highest level, industry leader, being among the technological companies”. In conformity with this vision, brand promise that will continues to produce different and new products in each passing day and to improve its technology. GERMAN CO. which is a 100 percent EGYPTIAN investment maintains its productions in Head plant established in area of 1 thousand square meters in the address of AL-Salhyia Algadeda,Sharkia provides employment opportunity for more than 300 people.   GERMAN CO. makes sale in domestic and foreign with its following brands; “Adler, “FALDA” , “GT” , ‘DODRAC ‘’, “GB PLUS” has been exporting to many Arab countries . GREMAN CO. is a national establishment that has reached a high production capacity with strong infrastructure and technological equipment and makes production by adopting being open to developments and customer satisfaction as a principle with ISO 9001/ TS- 16949, quality certificates.


Certificates Carrying on business since 2006 and being accomplished in becoming a credible brand within the industry, ADLER also certified its activities being maintained at the level of international standards. Manufacturing through a sense of rule of constant development, change and total quality, GERMAN CO. holds EN ISO 9001 , ISO TS 16949 Quality System Certificates.  

Quality Policy

GERMAN Company. Produces, assembly, distributes and markets Batteries. Due to the nature of its activities, the company places particular emphasis on know-how, reliability, and quality. It is the company’s permanent policy to provide Batteries and after sale services that are suitable for the purposes they are intended, and which meet the customers´ requirements and expectations. Within the framework of the Quality Policy, the company have established and maintained an effective Quality Management System complying with the requirements of ISO 9001/TS 16 949 standard, which forms the guideline for all operations of its factory and the relevant departments at its headquarter. GERMAN COMPANY continuously improves the quality of its products and services, as well as the level of cooperation and participation of all of its personnel. In GERMAN Company, believes that there is always room for improvement and that quality management is a priority through the organization.

Prerequisites for success are the following:

-Continuous dedication of the company to the use of new technology, through new applications and modernization. -Continuous training of its personnel in new control methods and techniques, and optimum organization of its resources. Setting, reviewing and monitoring the annual quality objectives. Improving and upgrading performance of the quality management system continuously. Quick response to customer claims. Commitment to continual improvement. GERMAN Company reviews this policy periodically; the policy is available to all personnel and interested parties.