Kelly Blue Book Awards 2014 for the best value when selling Toyota and Lexus wins the highest rank

Each year, the Kelley Blue Book provide an estimate on the distinctive shape of the prizes is the best brand and the best brand of luxury performance resale value in general. To win one of these prizes it on auto makers to provide the best vehicles in the group, and all models to maintain high production standards match the requirements of the market.
Kelly Blue Book awards for the best brand and the best luxury brand is the culmination of what you want every car company on the planet that are recognized as: code does not undisputed in the long-term value.
Best Brand: Toyota
For the third year in a row, won the largest Japanese car manufacturer to first place Kalalama business that you purchased if you want to see more of your money back when you sell your vehicle. Toyota achieved success in the field constantly value when selling it through and making high quality products improve the lives of people and maintain a reasonable price and ensure the comfort and credibility and continue the fun of ownership for many years. Toyota has ensured the prize for the best value when selling to in 2014 for the best brand amid fierce competition in the automotive sector.
The best luxury brand: Lexus
During the past three years, won the Lexus award for the best value at the best selling luxury brand in America. Lexus emphasizes on providing a high level of quality and craftsmanship, mechanical and most of all making vehicles earn the trust of customers. Lexus cars are required because of the ownership experience offered distinct and emerged as the owner of Lexus luxury vehicles value. As is the case for the quality of the car, the owners of the Lexus also admire the treatment they receive from agents and Lexus. It also provides a vehicle for the Lexus hybrid cars with the most advanced technology among makers of luxury cars.
Lexus also carry the best record labels credibility and reliability in the industry and that is the main reason behind the continuation of the buyers to return to the Lexus brand and the reason for choosing the most luxurious brand credibility for two years in a row. At the same time Lexus won the title of best brand in K BP value of 5 years for the second time in a row.