Products Industrial Deep Cycle

[color=#cc3333]Application[/color] [ul] [li]golf car[/li] [li]Electric vehicle[/li] [li]Small traction vehicle[/li] [li]Electric weel- chair     etc.[/li] [/ul] [color=#cc3333]Construction features[/color] 1 – [color=#ff6633]plates[/color] [ul] [li]positive plated are  tupular type in which the active materiel is filled and backed in to micropo  porous  tube containing central  lead antimony  alloy spin[/li] [li]Negative plate are of  flat and pasted type[/li] [/ul] 2 – [color=#ff6633]separator[/color]    low resistansent  porous synthetics rubber and micro fibre glass mat  3 – [color=#ff6633]container[/color]     Made of high heat resistance pp. for extra durability 4 – [color=#ff6633]vent bulges[/color]    contains a porous pp. filter to  prevent acid spray and to protect battery from external spark