About us


German co. for manufacturing Batteries is a 100% Egyptian owned and operated. manufacturing, exporting and distribution Company with more than 500 dedicated highly qualified team members. The company was established in 2005, primarily to manufacture Lead-Acid automotive batteries and serving the Egyptian market with. Commencing in a small way, the company soon established itself as a leader in its field by the desire to excel in the design and manufacture of automotive Lead-Acid batteries. The company diversified in the early 2006 into automotive low maintenance(dry charged) batteries manufacturing assembly. Now-a-days the company manufactures, exports and distributes Egypt’s largest range of automotive maintenance-free batteries.... »

Our mission

Our mission is to provide storage energy users with the best, cost-effective, reliable battery backed by dedicated customer service and to build lasting and rewarding relationships with our customers - our owners, employees, suppliers and distributors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world leader in providing high performance and cost-effective storage energy solutions.

Aims and objectives

To produce high performance Batteries for all applications;

SLI (starting, lighting, Ignition)

Stationary batteries for Telecommunication batteries,UPS batteries, o Solar batteries and Electric cars batteries

Motive power batteries (Forklifts - Golf carts )

To serve the consumer needs for all Batteries’ applications in the Domestic Market as a top priority.

To cater to the Automotive Battery requirements within the GCC and Middle Eastern Region on preferential basis.

To emerge as a Regional Player in the field of storage energy employing the latest technologies i.e. Expanded metal tech., full frame punched tech., AGM tech and Gel technology.